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Dec 13, 2016
  • What Does It Take To Be A Chaplain For Pro Team
  • How To Overcome Biggest Life Challenges
  • How To Move Forward After Failure
  • How To Succeed After Failure
  • How Can We Follow Through On Our Choices To Move Forward In Our Spiritual Journey; What 4'F's Are Essential
  • What Groups Can Help/Hinder Us From Moving Forward
Oct 30, 2016
Kira Sutherland - How To Eat To Increase Our Performance
  • What are the main differences between US and Australia when it comes to nutrition
  • Learn what mothers could learn from endurance athletes when it comes to nutrition
  • How do you determine what is the cause of your fatigue
  • What foods and supplements should you consume after training to enhance recovery
  • Top 3 foods people should avoid in the morning to have more energy
  • Who could you follow in the industry to gain more knowledge
Sep 29, 2016
  • How To Act When Can't Is Not An Option
  • How Jen Followed Her Passion Regardless All The Challenges She Faced
  • How To React With People Who Just Desire To Victimize You
  • How To Find Courage To Follow Your Dreams
Sep 19, 2016
Brian Popiel - Naturopath
  • How do you determine what is the cause of the fatigue?
  • Causes behind fatigue
  • What impact chronic stress plays in people developing fatigue
  • Top 3 foods people should avoid in the morning to have more energy
  • What are the major foods that contribute to people inflammation 
  • What are the top Vitamins/Minerals/Herbs every person should take to increase their energy level
  • What are the main nutritional deficiencies most people have
  • What supplements and food improve our brain energy & focus
  • What is the most important nutritional strategy for recovery after any workout(s)
Aug 10, 2016

This week's guest is John Harbaugh.

The head coach of the NFL Baltimore Ravens, 2000 and 2012 Super Bowl Champions.
We discussed how John balances his professional and personal life on a daily basis to perform on such a high level.


  • What does he do differently today than he did 10 years ago, and how does it help him to be the top NFL coach?

  • What routines does he use to stay mentally and physically healthy?

  •  What does he value the most in life?

  •  What advice would he give to parents of a young athletes?

  •  What was his most challenging time in life and how did he overcome it?

  •  Who is his support system so he can perform on such a high level?

Aug 10, 2016

Ray Cralle

  • How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Works
  • Why & When Should You Consider Doing This Therapy
  • Who Will Benefit The Most
  • How It Can Increase Your Energy & Decrease Inflammation
  • What Is The Correct Length Of Dive & Frequency